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A not for profit charity, supported by inchigo.

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The mission of Contribution is to promote diversity and to encourage people to give back to society what they have experienced and learnt in their lives: to express their gifts for the benefit of others. Diversity is to be understood in the broadest sense of ‘Meeting the Other,’ taking on new perspectives, opening up to new possibilities and leveraging our collective intelligence and creativity to optimise the solutions we find to those issues impacting our lives and our world.

The charity aims to bring the competences of its founders (in Leadership Development, Team Development, Embodiment, Self-awareness and Mindfulness) to audiences that may not normally have access. Contribution can provide consultancy expertise and competency in coaching and facilitation to other charities, to the Education sector or to support projects linked to its mission of promoting diversity. Contribution supports projects that encourage links and connections between different parts of society: culture, education, well-being, sports, the arts and business. Contribution projects aim to foster mutually beneficial exchanges between these different actors in order for people to gain new or widened perspectives and views on issues affecting us all.

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