Time out for time in

The Time out for Time in Retreat gives you the time, space and energy to explore and enquire, to dive in to your inner space and experience other ways of accessing what you know.

You will do this through developing and bringing a powerful question about your own development or a current issue you face. You will find out how to bring dynamic balance into your life and create an embodied practice to sustain the change you want.

You will also learn through sitting in a wisdom circle with other participants to gain insights from the collective wisdom of the group.

What are we going to do?

During the retreat, you will experience specific activations structured around the 4 principles. You will learn how to use and apply them in your daily lives.

As an example, while sitting with your Enquiry Question, you will be guided through mind, body and emotional connection activations that allow you to be comfortable with uncertainty and allow for greater insights.

How are we going to do it?

The Time out for Time in retreat begins with some preparation and pre-work to get you started on your journey of Enquiry and self-reflection. You will then organize a preparation call with one of the facilitators to craft and fine-tune the question you will bring to the Retreat.

During the retreat you will explore different ways of knowing and learning. You will learn through the power of sitting in a wisdom circle, for individual and collective insight. You will explore narrative and story, archetypes and shadow, as a means of gaining insight into your enquiry.

Who is it for?

The Time out for Time in Retreat is for all individuals interested in taking the time to enquire into their own personal or professional development. It is perfect for those who want to find and develop appropriate practices to integrate into their daily lives.

It is also for companies and organisations who want to offer dive deep development opportunities for people with a focus on supporting them to explore, engage with and embody their own development.

We will explore these different aspects through the following approaches:

Facilitated group activities.
Facilitated self-awareness exercises and practices.
Sensory awakening through the contact with nature.
Body work, inspired by yoga and energy practices.
Meditation and focus sessions.
Personal thinking and reflection time.

What do people say about our retreats

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