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Keynotes and Event MCs

With our experience in the performing arts, education and business, we see keynotes as a space of inspiration, fun and impact. We have an extended network of speakers from different backgrounds, passionate about inspirational topics such as mindfulness, purpose, story-telling.

Our clients relate to our co-designed explorations as unique and meaningful.  To make that happen we merge both traditional and innovative ways of learning and take a fully holistic approach.

Our holistic approach includes:

  • Shadow work and engaging with darker aspects of ourselves.
  • Cognitive capacity building, perspective taking and mental focus.
  • Facilitated self-awareness exercises, reflection time and practices.
  • Sensory awakening through the contact with Nature.
  • Purpose and meaning making, beyond purpose as a goal.
  • Emotional intelligence  and empathy.
  • Facilitated group activities and tapping into the emerging future.
  • Body awareness, energy management, body intelligence and regulation.
  • Looking at ways to access soulfulness and service beyond our own self-interest.
  • Using storytelling, myth and archetypes as a route map to deeper wisdom and understanding.

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