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Shadow Work

A powerful experiential method for exploring your inner mental and emotional world, allowing you to rediscover hidden parts of yourself and shift patterns which no longer serve you.

How it works:

Shadow work can be an intense and rewarding journey, creating profound shifts in behaviour, spirit, attitude and emotional well-being. 

We all have a shadow that will have come into existence to keep us safe, loved and valued in our early lives. The problem with our shadow arises when it starts to get in the way of how we want our lives to be now. We can spend a lot of energy keeping things hidden in shadow and lose energy for other areas of our life. We may find ourselves missing some valuable aspects of the shadow. Or if we find there are aspects of our behaviour over which we have no control, these will often be found in the shadow.

It may be time to think about doing shadow work when we feel stuck in a pattern, unable to be true to ourselves or to others.

The work is facilitated by highly trained coaches in a slow, safe and deliberate way.

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Shadow Work

Dive deep, branch out, develop yourself

and make a difference to the world