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Waypoint Retreat

A retreat for experienced leaders on how to live and lead from purpose.

Living, working, and leading from purpose has a powerful impact on the leader and those around them. Purpose brings direction, opportunity, energy, resilience and meaning. 

A purposeful leader inspires, motivates and engages others in a way that stimulates learning and outstanding performance. For organisations, purpose-driven leaders deliver sustainable results and enable transformation.

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Why a Waypoint Retreat?

Waypoint is an opportunity for lasting change. Experienced leaders and professionals from any background can discover their own purpose and use it to fuel their leadership. It is a unique opportunity to learn to embody purpose in both life and work, and create a clear vision of how to make a difference in the world.

What is it?

A three-day residential retreat, with coaching before and after, takes participants through a range of powerful experiences that enables them to look at themselves and how they operate in fresh ways. 

Rooted in evidence-based practices and thorough experience of business and organisations, Waypoint offers a deep and personal opportunity for leaders to explore three critical abilities:

Purpose – what motivates us, what is most meaningful, our unique way of bringing value to what we do and who we meet. It shapes the legacy we want to leave in the world. 

Personal mastery – deeply understanding the different parts of ourselves, our strengths and talents, as well as our shadows or blockers. Unlocking and integrating our under-used powers, to bring our best selves to life and work.

Presence – our ability to connect deeply to the people and situations around us and to our internal world. Positive presence unlocks curiosity, creativity and learning in ourselves and in those we lead. 

Designed as a deep dive, the retreat addresses the ‘whole leader’, engaging their emotional, cognitive and intuitive insight to uncover what really matters to them, and the impact they want to have in the world. 

Through reflection, storytelling, immersion in the natural world, small group coaching, peer support, shadow work, movement and deep contemplative practices, leaders will explore the patterns of thought and behaviour that help and hinder their leadership, as well as their motivations and values.

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Dive deep, branch out, develop yourself

and make a difference to the world