Meet Our Team

We are the two partners of inchigo.
We also work with a team of passionate and inspiring associates to support our clients in making  a difference on what matters.

Russell portrait image

Russell Saunders


Russell Saunders is a highly sought after and skilled facilitator, coach and MC. He is equally
comfortable and effective working with individuals, teams or large groups.He began his working life in sports and then shifted sharply into the Performing Arts before jumping into business. He brings the skills and insights he developed in his previous careers as a tennis player and coach and then as an actor to engage, communicate and inspire the people he works with.

He utilises his passion for the development of people and organizations and his experience of working with the senior levels of many businesses to create programmes that explore the skills, the mind-set and the techniques for Leadership, Engagement and Change.

Olivier portrait

Olivier Lacheze-Beer


Olivier Lacheze-Beer is a world-class facilitator and coach, passionate about expanding and developing human consciousness. He helps individuals, teams and organisations to change and thrive. He has very strong communication skills and works using his intelligence and creativity to identify problems, find solutions and implement them through training and coaching and facilitation.

From a multi cultural background (he has lived in 8 different countries and speaks 5 languages), Olivier’s work is rooted and inspired by the richness of his background, as a professional actor, an entrepreneurial businessman and someone who has had direct experience in management. Olivier has strong analytical and communication skills and uses a mix of NLP , Whole Brain learning techniques and creative arts processes to bring life and learning to his sessions.

Olivier is capable of delivering strong messages in an approachable manner. Unique and inspiring, his approach is always fresh and provocative, galvanising individuals to be more creative and expressive in their day-to-day lives.