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Winning in the 21st Century

In a world where disruption and ambiguity are the new normal, an innovative kind of leadership is urgently needed for individuals, teams and organisations to thrive and excel. Successful 21st century leaders need both a strong ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ game of leadership.

The outer game of leadership focuses on management competencies and technical skill development. You can’t be a great leader without strong business acumen and technical competence. The inner game is more about what drives you as a leader, how you manage and motivate yourself and how you master your own awareness and presence.  It is hard to be a successful leader without strong self-awareness and self-management.

Traditionally, organisations have focused and invested heavily in the ‘outer’ game – and this is still critical. But to embrace modern challenges and opportunities, a strong inner game is increasingly essential.

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The Inner Game of Leadership Collective believes that cultivating both the inner and outer game of leadership is the key to fuelling performance and transformation.

We work with our clients to deeply understand requirements and partner to provide solutions based on our extensive experience, through a variety of interactions, interventions and programmes.

We offer:

  • ‘Off the shelf’ solutions – good for large scale activations, requiring minimal or no design work.
  • ‘Blueprint’ solutions – with basic design principles in place that can be tailored to your needs.
  • Bespoke solutions – completely custom-made for your needs.

To equip organisations to thrive, our clients most frequently ask us to work with them to:

  • Redefine what leadership means in the 21st century and embed this across organisations
  • Enable leadership teams to be agile, cohesive and effective through change and uncertainty
  • Create cultures that energise and empower people to deliver innovation
  • Build agility, resilience and wellbeing in the workforce
  • Equip them for continuous change by embedding change skills, purpose and psychological safety deep in their strategy, culture and leadership.


We are a collection of passionate independent consultants, pioneering thought-leaders with deep expertise and experience working with C-suite and senior teams to drive systemic transformation. 

We come together to understand client needs. Our model ensures that you always get a perfect team – without the overheads and layers of larger firms.

You will work with a principal consultant and their thriving independent practice, and benefit from the network. We assure clients that no project is too small or too large for us to engage.

Inner Game of Leadership

Olivier Lacheze-Beer

Olivier Lacheze-Beer

Olivier brings a rich background to his work. He has lived in eight countries, speaks five languages, has trained and worked in the performing arts, and is an entrepreneur. His deep skills in coaching and facilitation develops individuals, teams and organisations, enabling them to change and thrive.

Russell Saunders

Russell began his professional life as a tennis player and coaching before moving into the performing arts. He now works with businesses to create programmes that explore the skills, mindset and techniques for leadership, engagement and change.

Tim Munden

Tim is the award-winning former Chief Learning Office and Head of Employee Wellbeing at Unilever. With deep experience in purpose, leadership, organisational and culture change, and wellbeing and resilience, Tim works with CEOs, senior teams and on organisation-wide change.

Louise Chester

After a successful career in finance, winning various global accolades and becoming a Director at UBS Ltd at the age of 27, Louise retired from the City in 2002, with a mission to offer profound, evidence-based ‘inner game’ training to senior leaders and their teams, including work on leadership, resilience and purpose.

Professor Sudhanshu Palsule

Sudhanshu is an award-winning educator, author and leadership coach, and a leading thinker in complexity and transformative leadership. He is a Professor and Senior Fellow at the University of Cambridge, and Academic Director at Duke Corporate Education. He has lived in India, the USA and the UK.

Waqar Siraj

After a career in tech sales, Waqar moved into people consulting. He is an experienced global consultant and executive coach with deep expertise in emotional and social intelligence, Shadow Work, and transformational change in leaders and teams.

Nick Pope

Nick works globally coaching senior leadership teams to help them collaborate more effectively. Nick has worked with over 1,000 teams in over 50 countries, from more than 15 sectors.

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