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Discover together

Co-designed explorations

Clients experience our co-designed explorations as unique and meaningful, where we merge traditional and innovative ways of learning.

Our holistic approach includes:


Shadow work and engaging with darker aspects of ourselves.


Cognitive capacity building, perspective taking and mental focus.


Facilitated self-awareness exercises, reflection time and practices.


Sensory awakening through the contact with Nature.


Purpose and meaning making, beyond purpose as a goal.


Emotional intelligence and empathy.


Facilitated group activities and tapping into the emerging future.


Body awareness, energy management, somatic intelligence and regulation.


Discovering ways to access soulfulness and service beyond self-interest.


Using storytelling, myth and archetypes as a guide to deeper wisdom and understanding.


We design personalised and custom-made programmes that combine in-person and virtual learning, according to your needs. We partner with you to create innovative and impactful programmes, for bespoke needs or to roll-out at scale.


We create the right conditions of time, space, energy and ideas in inspiring workshops that ensure participants leave with tools, techniques and mindsets they can apply in their daily work to improve performance and wellbeing. Workshops can be tailored to suit any level, are completely scalable and can conducted in English or French.

Keynote and event MC

With our experience in the performing arts, education and business, we see keynotes as a space for inspiration, impact and fun. Our network of speakers come from a range of backgrounds and passionately engage audiences in topics such as mindfulness, purpose, sustainability and storytelling.

Develop yourself,

make a difference in the world