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Our approach

Leading from within.

Whether you are a leader in a large corporation, a small business leader, or an entrepreneur, leadership is the ability to be more self-aware, connect deeply with others and drive change in the interests of the whole.

Since 2008, inchigo has been delivering human-centric learning and development experiences to leaders in large corporates, SMEs and not-for-profit organisations, and to individual leaders, through structured programmes, deep immersions and coaching.

inchigo uniquely combines the wisdom of the performing arts, healing arts, sports, business and personal transformation. Our expertise in these fields is at the heart of our approach.

We merge the world of the personal with business to forge an inner game of leadership, accessible to all, no matter their context.

How can we help you?

Leadership in service

Leadership development

We believe that human capital is the most valuable asset of any organisation, and that the world needs new kinds of leaders.

What kind of leader are you? Do you ever wonder:

  • Who am I? Really?
  • Why am I here? Fundamentally?
  • How might I connect to others? Deeply?

Our inner world journeys give the time, space and energy for this exploration. We guide you to look deeper inside and help you integrate what you learn into your outer world.

Team effectiveness

Team effectiveness

Teams can be the most powerful force in the world. When fully functional and flowing, they are a deep source of fulfilment and efficiency. Yet they can also be the home of tension and dysfunction. Develop your team to unleash its full synergy.

Purpose work 01

Purpose work

A sense of purpose, for an individual and an organisation, provides meaning and depth to what we do every day. It can be a calling or a drive, a north star or the song of the soul. Finding it, or it finding you, then living in alignment with it, can be one of life’s greatest rewards.

Communication and storytelling

Communication and storytelling

What can be more joyful and nourishing than a good story, told well? Stories inspire reflection, emotion and action in others. Impactful communication is an essential tool for leaders, to convey meaning and create powerful narratives that shape the world.

Resourcefulness and resilience

Resourcefulness and resilience

Wellbeing and being well are a lifelong habit, far beyond merely ‘toughing it out’. This is about finding inner resources and establishing a practice that allows you and your organisation to be well and do well, sustainably.

Virtual learning

Virtual learning

Learning has evolved; so has the way it is delivered. What remains constant is connecting to content and other learners. Our virtual programmes offer an experience that caters for different styles and preferences, embracing the flexibility of being online whilst maintaining what is rewarding about being face to face.


We design personalised and custom-made programmes that combine in-person and virtual learning, according to your needs. We partner with you to create innovative and impactful programmes, for bespoke needs or to roll-out at scale.



We create the right conditions of time, space, energy and ideas in inspiring workshops that ensure participants leave with tools, techniques and mindsets they can apply in their daily work to improve performance and wellbeing. Workshops can be tailored to suit any level, are completely scalable and can conducted in English or French.

Keynote and event MC

Keynote and event MC

With our experience in the performing arts, education and business, we see keynotes as a space for inspiration, impact and fun. Our network of speakers come from a range of backgrounds and passionately engage audiences in topics such as mindfulness, purpose, sustainability and storytelling.

Who have we partnered with?

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