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About us

Our story

Our story

We are passionate about people development and believe it positively impacts the world.

Our mission is to make profitability, social engagement and human development one and the same, for all to thrive.

In 2008, two friends and colleagues decided to follow their hearts. They wanted to bring a fresh, meaningful and lasting approach to the work they were doing with leaders in organisations. They set up inchigo.

Here they could combine their passion for human development with the wisdom they found in nature, the arts, spiritual and somatic practices, and the world of personal development.

Our story
Our story

A few years later a third colleague joined, bringing with him a depth of care and connection that is unsurpassed, along with experience of performance in the arts and in sports. 

Together they are dedicated to growing inchigo as a community of purpose-led experts and reach leaders who wish to impact their world and organisations more positively. The heart of inchigo beats strong.

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