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A passion for human development

Our mission is to make profitability, social engagement and human development one and the same, for all to thrive.

We are passionate about people development and believe it positively impacts the world.

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Whether a heroic journey or a path of discovery, leadership is a quality of being and doing that can be revealed, nourished and harnessed. Develop your leadership (and the leaders in your organisation) in service of others and the greater good of all.

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Teams can be the most powerful force in the world. When fully functioning and flowing, they provide deep sources of fulfilment and efficiency. Yet they can also be the source of the most tension and disruption. Either way, they need attention to harness their full power and potential.

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Developing can be a tough road to follow. We all need guidance and support from time to time. Find the right person to both challenge and support you in the name of what you need to thrive and grow.

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What can be more joyful and nourishing than a good story, told well? Stories inspire reflection, emotion and action in others. Impactful communication is an essential tool to transmit messages and create powerful narratives that shape the world.

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A sense of purpose, for an individual or an organisation, provides meaning and depth to what we do every day. It can be a calling or a drive, a north star or song of the soul. Finding it, or it finding you, and then living in alignment with it, can be one of the most rewarding feelings in a lifetime.

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Wellbeing and being well are a long-term game. And this means going beyond just ‘toughing it out’. It’s about finding resources that are within, and establishing a practice that allows you and your organisation to be well and do well, sustainably.

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What can we do for you?


The form a programme takes can be as important as the content. The where and how we learn are as vital as the what. We like to work in partnership with you to find the right programme fit for innovative and impactful learning. It could be a roll-out programme at scale, or sometimes a more bespoke solution.


It is important to create the right conditions of time, space, energy and ideas to make an inspiring workshop and ensure participants leave resourced with tools, techniques and mindsets for their daily work. We make this our focus in designing the right workshop for your needs regardless of its duration.


In our fast-paced and very busy lives, taking time-out to reconnect to ourselves and to nature, to slow down and stop, are key for us to access deeper insights, greater meaning and focus on our development. Our retreats and immersions offer these deep dive experiences for individuals and groups.

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With our experience in the performing arts, education and business we see keynotes as a space of inspiration, fun and impact. We are experienced speakers on Leadership themes, such as Purpose, Resourcefulness and Resilience and Diversity and Inclusion. We have an extended network of speakers from different backgrounds, passionate about many other topics.


Our on-line offerings take a holistic approach to learning experiences.

Learning has evolved; so has the way it is delivered. Yet learning is still about connecting to not only the content but also to other learners. Our online approach offers an experience that takes into account different styles and preferences. It embraces what is unique about being online whilst maintaining what is rewarding about being face to face.

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Take your development to the next level

Our deep dives are for individuals and groups who are ready to work with the heart, body, soul and shadow to make a shift on what is deeply meaningful to them in their life and work.

We work with both corporate clients and individuals through our coaching collective, our immersion experiences and retreats.

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