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Leadership in service of business.

Traditional leadership programmes emphasise skills and mindsets that leaders are expected to apply to their business context.

We believe this approach on its own no longer works. There is often a disconnect between the ‘classroom’ experience and the reality of being a leader in the day-to-day. Leadership tools can seem abstract and theoretical, and their impact and added value are not felt.

Achieve leadership
Leadership in service

Leadership in service of the business and its leaders.

Leadership development programmes should be business enablers. Leaders need programmes that actively support them in meeting both their strategic and tactical challenges.

In our programmes, leaders own their development; they adapt content as it relates to them and their context, helping to drive and deliver better business outcomes.

Each participant focuses on their own challenges as they engage with inspirational content and behavioural guidance that will help them in their day-to-day. As they practise new approaches, they learn and embed leadership skills in action whilst also improving performance.

Core principles of the Achieve leadership programme:

  • Exceptional leadership is the meeting point of ‘being’ and ‘doing’. Through mastering our inner game, our best outer game can flourish.
  • Behavioural change links to business needs as we transition from theory to practice.
  • Working at depth and scale, as we access different ways of knowing through the mind, body, heart and spirit.

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Core principles

Dive deep, branch out, develop yourself

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