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One to one executive coaching

Accelerate your leadership impact.

The benefits of executive coaching in enhancing performance are well-documented. Research by the International Personnel Management Association showed that coaching and training can increase productivity by up to 88%, with clear advantages for individuals and teams.

Coaching helps people make full use of their newly gained insights and skills, and allows them to perform at their peak. For organisations, there is a strong return on investment.

One to One executive coaching
one to one executive coaching

Package components

  • Meeting and coordination with line manager (start and end)
  • Design of learning objectives and coaching programme
  • Six coaching sessions of 90 – 120 mins over six months, or 10 shorter sessions¬†
  • Practices
  • Coaching notes after each session.
  • Support between sessions¬†
  • Check-ins on process and cycles of development.

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