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Guided journeys


A retreat for experienced leaders to explore and express their purpose.

Immersions are a unique and powerful deep-dive into an individual’s inner game, providing the space, time and energy for leaders to turn their focus inwards so that a breakthrough or shift can occur.

In a tailor-made experience, the participant will work closely with three to four carefully selected coaches. The Immersion adapts to the participant’s needs as they emerge during the process, making it both highly personalised and deeply responsive.

Immersions create an opportunity to take time out from a pressured environment to explore how deeper self-awareness and a higher perspective can lead to greater impact. They are particularly powerful on a challenge that may be holding a leader back. The deep dive process works well on thorny issues where ‘thinking’ alone has not provided a solution.



  • Time and space to focus on your development and a breakthrough you need to make.
  • An in-depth understanding and felt sense of what the inner game really is and how it shapes your impact as a leader.
  • More self-knowledge, identifying patterns and blocks to achieving goals for work and life.
  • Working on purpose at a deeper level, finding a sense of what you are called to do.
  • Personalised daily practices to anchor learning and support change.
  • Knowing how to move forward with renewed focus, and the tools to help you.
  • Heightened awareness of resilience strategies and new ways of approaching health and vitality.

Who is it for?

The immersions are highly relevant for leaders already consciously engaged with their development journey.

The focus is on learning how to self-enquire and develop a sustainable practice to support the next step of a leader’s development.

It is especially effective where there is a need to:

  • Accelerate and intensify development.
  • Support the transition of a leader into a larger role.
  • Unlock the potential and impact of a leader.
  • Allow a leader to create followship through a more emotionally fluid leadership style.
  • Defuse derailers.

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Dive deep, branch out, develop yourself

and make a difference to the world